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I designed toy reviews to give you, a parent or relative, an idea of how horrible a toy is before you buy it. If you are sadistic, these reviews may help you give a “gift” to a parent you truly hate. But if you are a parent, maybe you can add these to the do not buy list before getting them.

You’re probably not a parent if you don’t have a single toy you loathe. Yes. Loathe. I dedicate this toy reviews section to all those toys you can’t stand and wish would meet an unfortunate end at the business end of a baseball bat. Of course they can’t because your children love them too much.

Sad as it is, certain toys have diplomatic immunity. It only expires if the child gets bored with it. Then you can take your revenge on that annoying piece of crap.

Word of advice: avoid Present Pets – What No One Tells You

Spin Master’s Present Pets are the latest, gimmick ridden, must-have toy that many parents, including my wife and I, found themselves jumping through hoops to find this past holiday season. And not a day goes by that I don’t fantasize about taking a bat to the incredibly annoying dog that is the apple of my …

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