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Mira Royal Detective: New Parental Warning

Mira Royal Detective: New Parental Warning

If you fear diversity, I’ve got a warning for you: Mira royal detective features a non-white cast and characters. If you fear mind-numbing dribble from Disney, you may be on to something. So…

Look a little closer with your magnifying glass
Open up your notebook, get your coat and badge on fast
Ask all the questions, follow your senses, focus on every clue (ooh)
Listen for answers, find what you’re after, that’s what detectives do

We’re on the case of whether Mira royal detective is closer to Bluey or bombs like Mickey Mouse Funhouse.

What is Mira Royal Detective?

Mira royal detective is a series set in Jalpur (inspired by India) that features a young girl, Mira, with an inquisitive mind. Queen Shanti appoints her as a royal detective, and in true repetitive nature of a children’s show, she goes on many of the same adventures over and over.

The writers just change the names of the antagonist, swap out a new missing something, and sprinkle in some new or repeating side characters. Finally, they add a dash of Indian culture just for fun.

Mira, the royal detective, employs two mongooses to help her on her many adventures, Mikku and Chikku. These somewhat obnoxious side kicks are anamorphic versions of some variety of mongoose, which is most famously known for killing snakes.

Sadly, this generally lazy pair doesn’t ever kill a snake and instead just provide a general burden to Mira as she investigates “important” cases.

So instead, Mira has to rely on a lot of members of the local communities she is working in to figure out what happened. In the process, the viewer may pick up a tidbit or two about Indian culture and learn little about actual investigative work.

Is Mira royal detective any good?

The entire Mira royal detective series sort of feels like an adult gave a child a fake badge, vest, and toy to keep them occupied while they do other shit. She is never called on any really important cases and doesn’t seem qualified, in the least, to be an actual detective.

Beyond this, children seem to enjoy the show, which is good because that is the target audience. For adults who are forced to endure the show with them at times, it is not super engaging.

You’ll probably get really sick of the theme song and the “We’re on the case” song that they play every fucking time they get presented with a minimally problematic issue.

What parents need to know

Mira royal detective is the only Disney Junior series set in an India-inspired land. As a result, it features primarily Indian voice actors and actresses, which shouldn’t be a problem for any normal person. If you are a bigot, you can safely watch some other show featuring white folks so you feel safe again.

Mira gets put in mild danger at times – oh no! This may be upsetting to young, impressionable minds. But it can be a good way to toughen up your little bitch kid to help them face their fears and such.

Mikku and Chikku are pretty worthless and used primarily for comic relief. It would be interesting, though potentially traumatizing, to see them bite the head off a snake. That’s what the people want to see, and your kid’s therapist will thank you for exposing them to it because it will allow them to put their own kids through college.

Talk to your kids about

Mira royal detective is a show all about an inquisitive little girl who works with others to solve “important” cases. Common Sense Media typically includes this fun little section to give you some practical advice on how speak to your kids about the show.

That’s not this section. I’ll give you some much better talking points and questions to ask your children about the Mira royal detective TV series here:

  • Mira goes on a lot of “important” cases. Do you ever think you’re actually doing something important around here? What ways could you maybe be useful that won’t just frustrate me (us)? You should think about that.
  • Mira never gives up on a case. You give up the second something doesn’t go your way. Do better you little jerk. Mira would never cry when she doesn’t get the correct color cup. Try to be more like her.
  • Mikku and Chikku are almost always worthless and, in some cases, actually a hindrance to Mira. Can you think of ways your hinder me? Do you know ways you could improve your value around here?


If you have burning questions about Mira, I feel bad for you. But if you do need some answers, here you go:

Is there a season 3 of Mira, Royal Detective?

No. Disney likes to cancel shows after season 2 on Disney Junior, so all you get with Mira royal detective is a two season run.

Can I watch Mira, Royal Detective on Disney plus?

Yes you can watch Mira, Royal Detective on Disney+. In fact, as I write this, it is on in the background.

Who is the villain in Mira, Royal Detective?

There is no real recurring villain per se. Poonam and her partner Manish are two thieves that many consider to be the most notorious in all of Jalpur or so I’ve read, I don’t know primarily because I don’t care. So yeah, sometimes she solves cases involving these two ass hats.

Who is Mira, Royal Detective boyfriend?

She is a bit young for a boyfriend, but Prince Neel may get all hot and bothered for her. He’s the closest thing she has to a boyfriend, but she keeps him tucked in nicely in the friend’s zone.

TV Details

  • Premiere date: March 20, 2020
  • Cast: Kal Penn, Leela Ladnier, and Utkarsh Ambudkar
  • Network: Disney Junior
  • Streaming: Disney+
  • Genre: Kids’ Animation
  • Topics: Adventures, Friendship
  • TV rating: TV-Y

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Dad's Take

Mira represents the first and – as of this writing – only Indian inspired show on Disney Junior, which of course they cancelled after two seasons in 2022. The series features a lot of tidbits and references to traditional Indian culture, foods, and such, but it acts like more of a minimalist introduction to these things and not an actual learning opportunity.

For the curious mind, you may find looking into different cultural aspects shown in the series may be interesting. Unfortunately, unless you are the type of parent to lead further investigation with your 5 year old into Indian culture, chances are that peek at a different culture only serves as a small reminder that we are all different and it’s OK. 

It sort of feels like a vague attempt on Disney’s part to erase decades of negative stereotypes it has depicted in shows and films. Let’s not forget that Treasure Buddies – which oozed racist stereotypes – came out in 2012. Mira does not have any of the obvious problems that really plagued a good portion of the Air Buddies franchise, which, if I remember reading correctly, may still get another installment in coming years.

As a series, Mira, Royal Detective falls somewhere in the ‘meh’ range. It is not particularly irritating as a parent watching the show, though the “we’re on the case” song gets old real fucking fast particularly if the kids watch it on repeat. 

Mikku and Chikku are basically worthless comedy relief characters that some people may find amusing, particularly the target audience. But let’s be real, they are useless and often a hindrance to Mira as she actually tries to solve her “important” cases.

Unlike Bluey with some relatable content for parents, Mira features uninspired plots and cases, like Mikku and Chikku’s missing pillows. Few “cases” actually make sense to most functional adults. It reads as shit that a toddler would find important but most parents will just be like “WTF?”

Still, it doesn’t have a self-righteous Mickey asking if you see something every 20 seconds like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mira is also shown as dependable, reliable, and determined – all good qualities to encourage in children through the television they consume. 

So for a truly meh experience, you can certainly turn on Mira, Royal Detective. It probably won’t particularly inspire you, but it also won’t make you want to pour hot wax in your ears as you gouge out your own eyes. 


Mira presents as a strong, dependable, and determined character

Features several tidbits of Indian culture including songs, dance, customs, and food

Nothing problematic in the series


Mikku and Chikku don’t kill snakes regularly but present as lazy and basically a burden to Mira

“We’re on the case” gets old after a few times watching the show


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