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Mickey Mouse Funhouse: A Review Parents Need Now

Mickey Mouse Funhouse: A Review Parents Need Now

If no other thoughts enter you mind when watching Mickey Mouse Funhouse with your kids – and trust me they won’t – you’ll likely realize that Funhouse is Clubhouse rebranded for the 2020s. Disney does a lot of things well, including recycling old material and making it new again with as little work as possible.

What is Mickey Mouse Funhouse?

Do you know what Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is? Funhouse is Clubhouse rebranded and redone to be even more annoying (yeah, I didn’t think that was possible either) and even less educational.

Gone are the mind numbing questions like:

  • Do you see a red ball?
  • Which way should we go?
  • Should I tell Minnie I’ve been banging Daisy on the side?

You know, those questions.

Instead, kids get to “learn” social skills, morals, and such. Ones that I’m not sure are particularly practical at that.

And Tootles is gone, which I say good riddance to that clown. That jerk never actually brought anything useful anyway.

How the hell are you going to scale that cliff with a balloon? Moron. Bring ropes next time at the very least.

In his place, you’re now subjected to Funny the Funhouse. Funny is more obnoxious and grating than Jar Jar Binx was to Star Wars fans when a Phantom Menace came out.

The basic premise of Mickey Mouse Funhouse is that Mickey and his gang go to the funhouse, and then Funny let’s them explore what’s behind a number of different magic doors. They go on a wacky adventure where they’ll see familiar faces like Pete along with some new ones, like Salty Bones.

Not surprisingly, it only gets about 5 stars on IMDb. That’s about 4.5 too many if you ask me.

Who is the show geared towards?

Mickey Mouse Funhouse is geared towards preschool age children. You, a fully functioning adult, will likely not enjoy the show. I do not enjoy the show.

Some of you may need reminders, you can still be a Disney fan and not like everything Disney produces. You are under no obligation to like Disney’s Mickey Mouse Funhouse.

What does Mickey Mouse Funhouse teach?

Tolerance. Patience. How to use those coping skills you learned about in therapy. And that’s just for the parents.

For kids, it might sort of teach social skills, I guess. For example, there is an episode with pirates that they constantly talk about the “pirate code” and it is a bunch of work together and be honest stuff. It makes me really question if the writers of the show know what pirates actually were beyond saying crap like “mate’es” at the end of every damn sentence, which in and of itself is a questionable “fact.”

Also, they added a “stretch break” between segments. Presumably this is to help get your kids more active and break their trance from watching the show. I warn you, the stupid song will get stuck in your head.

What parents need to know about Mickey Mouse Funhouse

Mickey Mouse Funhouse offers the following that parents should be aware of:

  • Each episode gets broken down into two segments with a “Stretch Break” between each (replaces the god awful hot dog song of Clubhouse) that encourages your child to get up and stretch. Also, when they leave to go on an adventure, they sing an irritating stair way song that will grate on your nerves further.
  • Instead of teaching about shapes, following simple instructions, counting, or other more “academic” pursuits, Mickey Mouse Fun House teaches more about social skills.
  • You will want something to distract yourself with either a smart phone or tablet will generally do. If you can, sneak in some work or booze or whatever floats your boat as your kids watch without even noticing you are gone.
  • If you didn’t like how they portray Mickey and the gang in other newer shows, you will continue to not like it. The characters are basically the same.


Want to know more about Mickey Mouse Funhouse for some unknown reason, here you go.

When did Mickey Mouse Funhouse come out?

Mickey Mouse Funhouse premiered on Disney Junior on August 20, 2021 in America.

Are they still making Mickey Mouse Funhouse?

It currently has two seasons and will likely continue for some time because Disney has a sick sense of humor and likes to torture parents with its inane shows geared towards preschoolers.

Will Mickey Mouse Funhouse be on Disney plus?

Sadly, yes. You can stream both seasons of Mickey Mouse Funhouse on Disney+ as much as you would like or as much as you are willing to allow your child to. You will likely find no enjoyment in this show. On the plus side, unlike Bluey, you won’t feel like an inferior parent because you don’t have endless time to participate in your child’s imaginative games like Bluey’s parents do.

Is Mickey Mouse Funhouse replacing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

I mean technically yes, but Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ended several years ago while Mickey Mouse Funhouse just started in 2021. They are both geared towards preschoolers, but I would honestly say that Clubhouse had at least some educational value, kind of, while Funhouse at best teaches some general social skills, maybe.

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Dad's Take

I didn’t think it was possible to go much more downhill in terms of a parent’s ability to sit and watch a Mickey oriented theme, but here we are. In their latest take on Mickey and his faithful gang, you will again find little redeeming value in the show. It offers nothing stimulating for adults in the least.

I’ll concede, yes, you and I are not the target audience, but for god’s sake, can’t they throw in a parent joke or two like they used to? Rewatching old cartoons from when I was a child, I notice now just how many times a cartoon would reference some adult topic, no not porn like some people have done to Zootopia, just humor that they would get but would go over a child’s head.

Let’s bring that back.

Like why can’t Disney writers make something more like Bluey? Though shown on Disney and Disney+, Bluey is not an actual Disney property. This explains why even parents can actually enjoy the show.

I mean would it kill Disney to make the shows at least somewhat relatable to adults? Obviously it is feasible, but I’m guessing the writers are just lazy.

But even if we think about Mickey Mouse Funhouse in terms of quality for your kids, I highly question the show’s merits. The focus appears to be on teaching social skills, which yes, are considerably lacking in some children. But social skills are largely learned from actual interactions with other children, which they can get at a park, preschool, play dates, satanic rituals, and other fun and sadistic places if you so choose.

At least Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reinforced things like counting, colors, following basic directions, and so on.

Mickey Mouse Funhouse would have kids thinking a “true pirate” helps each other out and some such nonsense. Now what happens if a child ends up face to face with a true pirate? Then what Disney? Little Timmy is going to get shanked, that’s what. 

You should think about that before the next time your child wants to learn about true pirates from this crap.


no Toodles

about a half hour long, though others would say that may be more of a con as it is, in fact, too long


the stair song

stretch break

Funny is obnoxious and annoying

not really educational or redeeming in the least


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