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4 Stupid things you need to know about Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now

4 Stupid things you need to know about Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now

Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a bit of an enigma to a lot of people. I mean, just what the hell is he supposed to be anyway? Let’s take a deeper look at this antagonistic character.

What is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

The most obvious question is what animal is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Well, according to Disney itself, Pete is an anthropomorphic cat.

That’s right. He’s not a dog, like many people suspect. He’s a giant cat and always has been.

Interestingly enough, Pete, who appears in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all modern iterations of Mickey and pals, is actually the oldest character in Disney’s franchise. He first appeared in 1925 in a cartoon called Alice Solves the Puzzle.

When did Pete appear with Mickey Mouse?

Pete first became Mickey Mouse’s archnemesis in Steam Boat Willie, which came out in November 18, 1928.

That’s right, contrary to the popular quote from Walt Disney himself that “it all started with a mouse,” Peg Leg Pete predates Mickey the Mouse by 3 years. And, he is also the first and longest standing villain in Walt Disney Studios.

What is Pete in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

We’ve established that Pete in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a weird, large anthropomorphic cat, which makes sense since he traditionally hates Mickey. So I’ll take this question to mean, what role does Pete play in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Well, this mind-numbing show meant for preschoolers does not actually have a villain. Pete appears throughout the series as a bit of an antagonist, comic relief, and sometimes decent enough acquaintance of Mickey and the gang.

At any rate, since the show is geared towards such a young audience, Pete is pretty damn tame and basically benign. And Mickey generally forgives his mischievous antics.

Is Pete a good guy in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

Pete is not really a good guy in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but he is also not entirely bad. He is a toned down version of cigar smoking thug that he normally gets portrayed as. And as a result, Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is more of a mischief maker, mild-antagonist.


Where can I watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

If you want to see Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you can watch the show in several locations, including:

  • Disney Junior – You’ll have to keep an eye out for changes in schedule. They don’t always regularly air Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Disney+ – Your best bet to see Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in action is to check out episodes on Disney+. They offer several different packages that include Disney+ along with Hulu and ESPN. They offer both ads and non-ads. You can check out there plans here.
  • DisneyNOW – Offers a selection of Disney channel and Disney Junior shows and movies. It is a TV app that you can watch from your phone, tablet, smart TV, or computer.

Was Pete a dog?

Well, you either skipped ahead or didn’t really pay attention above if you don’t know by this point in the article that Pete is not a dog. He’s an extremely large cat. All things being equal, it makes more sense since he is traditionally Mickey Mouse’s arch nemesis throughout their long run.

Who voices Pete Disney?

Since Pete started in 1925, it is not surprising there have been several different voice actors. Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gained his voice from Jim Cummings.

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