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MCU Characters Who Should Get Cameos in Black Widow

MCU Characters Who Should Get Cameos in Black Widow

There are many MCU characters who should get cameos in the upcoming Black Widow movie in 2020. There are already rumors about Iron Man/Tony Stark appearing in Black Widow (You can read my thoughts here or here.), though they may just use deleted scenes.

Whether or not Tony Stark actually shows up, here are some MCU characters I’d like to see make cameos in the upcoming Black Widow movie.


Hawkeye and Black Widow Endgame

Hawkeye first appeared in the MCU in Thor (2011), but he had a minor, mostly forgettable role. He really started to shine when the original Avengers movie came out in 2012.

Like Black Widow, the MCU presents Hawkeye as a master assassin and spy. They only vaguely hint at minor super powers, such as seeing better from far away, which is hawk like. Otherwise though, like Black Widow, he brings years of experience as a spy and assassin. But he is not a “super” hero.

Most importantly to the Black Widow movie, the pair share a history together. They reference “Budapest” in several movies, which could mean they will actually show what happened there in the Black Widow movie.

Though, if I am being honest, I’m not sure I want to see Budapest. That might best be left to the imagination, as part of the overall mystique of both characters.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner and Black Widow

Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, may be a bit more challenging to work in. Black Widow is mostly set following the events of Civil War. If this is true, Banner is off world at the time.

But, if Black Widow starts earlier in the time line, Banner may appear. He could be a potential love interest, as he was in Age of Ultron. Or maybe it could show how Black Widow figured out the Hulk lullaby. Either way, it could be an interesting relationship to explore.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury

The Black Widow movie almost needs to include Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury played an integral part in mentoring and bringing Black Widow into the agency. So really, no matter where Black Widow introduces the story, Fury could play a part.

Fury could add a mix of intensity and humor, as really only Samuel L. Jackson can. Because Fury was the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Black Widow including Fury’s may be a necessity.

Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts and Black Widow Iron Man 2

Pepper Potts may seem like an odd one to include in the Black Widow movie. But if you think about it, is her inclusion really odd? Pepper Potts first met Black Widow back in Iron Man 2. And Ms. Potts and Black Widow had an interesting love-hate relationship going on.

Given the time that Black Widow may take place, perhaps Ms. Potts helped Black Widow escape? After all, at the time, she was on the outs with Tony Stark. It’s possible Black Widow went to her for some sort of aide.

Black Panther

Black Widow movie Black Panther

Black Panther had good reason to dislike Black Widow at the end of Civil War. During the battle at the airport, she double crosses Black Panther, aiding in Captain America’s escape.

However, since Black Panther found out the Winter Soldier was not the killer of his father, he ended up helping him. So maybe Black Panther helped Black Widow, and the Black Widow movie may show this relationship.

Also, a fight scene involving the pair against a common enemy could be pretty cool.

The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier Black Widow Movie

Speaking of the Winter Soldier, it’s possible we’ll see his appearance in Black Widow. Like Black Widow, the Winter Soldier has an interesting past. He may have learned that Black Widow was on the run and went to help her.

Or maybe, if the Black Widow movie goes back far enough, it could show how or if they knew each other before the events of Civil War. Maybe at one point, he hunted her or vice versa. Or maybe the pair were friendly? The Black Widow movie could explore this some.

Stan Lee

Black Widow movie Stan Lee cameo Civil War
“Is there a Tony Stank here?”

Stan Lee may be gone, but his spirit still lives strong in the MCU. It’s possible they will use older, unused footage of him as a cameo in Black Widow. That would add a level of awesomeness because his cameos were pretty much unbeatable.

What, if any, cameos would you like to see in Black Widow? Let me know in the comments. Or ignore me. Either way.

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