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Reasons Iron Man Should Not be in the Black Widow Movie

Reasons Iron Man Should Not be in the Black Widow Movie

If you haven’t heard, Robert Downey Jr is potentially reprising his role as Tony Stark / Iron Man in the overdue, upcoming Black Widow movie. Black Widow is part origin story and partly set to occur between the events of Civil War and Infinity War. It is also very likely going to introduce new characters to the MCU.

Tony Stark Iron Man to appear in Black Widow

For many MCU fans, the news of Iron Man’s return may come as a welcome relief. For others, they may feel that Iron Man’s return will cheapen his sacrifice in End Game.

But one thing is for sure, as the MCU’s Phase 4 starts, the faces of MCU will change radically. Captain America went into retirement. Iron Man sacrificed everything for the greater good. Of course, Black Widow also sacrificed herself. Thor will likely pass off the mantle of Thor in his next movie (though he may join Guardians of the Galaxy in a team up). And of course, Disney and Sony parted ways (for now anyway) taking Spider-Man out of the MCU.

For others, the news may be upsetting because they are sadistic jerks who want to see Tony dead. Or maybe they don’t want to cheapen his onscreen death. I can appreciate that. I don’t necessarily agree with their blasphemy, but I can appreciate that. So here they are some incorrect reasons Iron Man should not appear in the Black Widow movie.

Appearance cheapens Iron Man’s sacrifice 

Some say it cheapens Iron Man’s sacrifice. Iron Man died as a true hero. Bringing him back basically cheats him of that moment.

Iron Man showing off taking thunder from Black Widow

Does it though? Does it really? Look, it’s pretty clear that Tony didn’t need to die, they could have won many different ways such as cutting off Thanos’ arm with the sparkly rings. Or they could have used the rings to move the gauntlet away until the battle was won.

Or Strange could have, before he died, healed Tony’s wounds. There appears to be no reason Dr. Strange couldn’t use either magic or the Time stone to heal Iron Man. But no, Iron Man apparently needed to die. Probably to fulfill his desire to be done with the role and contracts.

Iron Man may steal some thunder from Black Widow

Many MCU fans were upset when Captain Marvel got her lackluster stand alone movie first. That is, before Black Widow who has been with the franchise for years.

Goose the cat stealing the show

And in many ways, Nick Fury and even the f*cking cat/flerken, Goose, stole the show. Though Black Widow is well liked, could Iron Man steal some of the thunder from Black Widow?

Or will his presence take some of the shine out of her long over due stand alone? Probably not, Black Widow’s been pretty bad ass since Iron Man 2. But still, it’s worth questioning.

Iron Man may take away from Black Widow’s potential for girl power

Black Widow is a well-liked bad ass. She’s helped fight off two alien invasions and stood alongside a literal god and other larger than life heroes fighting battles with nearly impossible odds. But she’s gotten over looked a lot.

Original Avengers circled up in New York with Black Widow and Iron Man

So could drawing attention from her to another, arguably even better liked Avenger, take away from her girl power moment in a Black Widow stand alone movie? After all, he is a reformed playboy, who, only in recent years, started to respect women and truly become a hero.

Stop toying with our hearts Disney 

Disney finally brought to the MCU what it brings to nearly every one of its cartoons: a beloved parental figure death that helps shape the protagonist’s destiny. Of course, then one of the worst slaps in the face occurred to fans of the Spider-Man/Iron Man relationship, when Spider-Man went back to Sony.

Iron Man's sacrifice in End Game

How much more can fans take, Disney? Are you bringing Iron Man back for a tease? Do you plan on more appearances from Iron Man? Are you just using deleted scenes from other movies? If this is it, maybe it’s best if you just let his character be dead.

For an alternative, quite possibly more correct point of view, check out the potential positive reasons to bring Iron Man for the Black Widow movie. Maybe it will be enough to sway your heart. But if not, at least it offers other positive points to ponder.

Or you can check this article out for an interesting perspective on bringing Iron Man into the Black Widow movie here.

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