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SuperKitties: Parents Be Warned! It’s not what you think

SuperKitties: Parents Be Warned! It’s not what you think

If you think SuperKitties is just another God awful series that Disney Junior tries to pass off as quality entertainment for preschoolers, well, you’re not wrong. I guess it’s exactly what you’d think.

What is SuperKitties?

On January 11, 2023, Disney Junior and Disney Plus graced us with the addition of a new series geared towards preschoolers. And it is every bit as annoying as you’d think.

The premise sounds halfway decent (I guess). A group of vigilante cats with secret identities and super powers work together to keep Kittydale (I’m not making that up) “pawsome.” (Also not making that up.)

Like other super hero shows geared towards kids, you can expect to see recurring villains who are more just embodiments of socially unacceptable behaviors or what I’d call sociopathic lite behaviors. You’re children are supposed to learn a lesson about behavior, how to treat others, and many other things that (checks notes), parents and other caregivers tend to teach.

But hey, if you want some super powered kitties that play a soul-grating song every time they get ready to teach your kids about socially acceptable behaviors, then you do you.

I’d say it’s more about the free 20ish minutes you get free from having to keep a close eye on them.

What parents need to know

Even the most neurotic of parents can’t find anything actually wrong with SuperKitties. Well, let me rephrase that. I’m sure a special bred of special neurotic person could find something that is inappropriate for kids, but dear lord, please just hate on it because it is utterly draining on the soul with its incessant songs, mind numbing plots, and preschool level – at best – entertainment.

For normal parents, here are some points to consider:

  • It’s soul sucking garbage. You can literally feel any semblance of dignity getting drained if you have to watch this dribble with your child. That said, your child will probably get sucked in and learn at least some social skills, how to handle issues, and such.
  • Bluey makes efforts to entertain and be relatable to parents. SuperKitties never attempts to cross that line. The episodes have the same beat as many Disney Junior shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, and T.O.T.S. The formula is great for kids but does nothing for any adult watching the show with their kids.
  • The episodes start to blend together into a one large mess. I couldn’t tell you the plot of any given episode or point out any particular shining moment in throughout the short run of the show.
  • Your kids may start dropping stuff just to say “Oopsie Kitty!”
  • The only competent creatures in the town of Kittydale are the super kitties who solve all their problems with kindness and compassion. Great lessons to learn, terrible to keep watching over and over again on repeat.


Some people asked them, maybe not you, but someone. Here are some answers to popular questions about SuperKitties that I will grace you with.

Is SuperKitties on Disney plus?

For those of you who love watching your toddlers and young children binge watch shows like you do, you are in luck, SuperKitties is on Disney plus as well as Disney Junior. So fire up that account and start streaming this steaming pile of cat shit whenever you like.

Will there be a season 2 of SuperKitties?

Whether you like it or not, SuperKitties is getting at least a second season. More episodes could be a good thing because there will be more variety but given the way they all blend together anyway, it hardly matters.

Is SuperKitties appropriate?

Whether SuperKitties is appropriate depends a lot on your point of view. You won’t see them engaging in sex, drug use, or violence. The themes and the action are all ‘age appropriate,’ but I would say this is not an appropriate show for anyone over the age of about 5. As a parent, you will find it mind numbing.

SuperKitties Parent Review

Name: SuperKitties

Description: SuperKitties are super powered kittens that save the day when the villains of Kittydale threaten peace and security.

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Dad's Take

There are two types of kid shows. The first are the ones you can, as a parent, appreciate, maybe even enjoy. They make an attempt at being clever, include adult oriented jokes, or have other relatable elements for people over the age of the target demographic. Just off the top of my head, both Bluey and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic come to mind. 

But then there are children shows that make no attempt at all at giving people over the age of the target demographic any reason to appreciate the show. The only thing these shows tend to provide is a free baby sitter while you get some work done. That’s normally not a great reason to watch something, much less an accolade, but SuperKitties falls into this category.

At no point during the short, 15 episode so far series did I find myself:

  1. remotely entertained
  2. interested 
  3. convinced real people wrote the script
  4. believing the end times are not at hand

That said, of course, the show is for kids. I can’t quite tell what age group exactly, though the marketing suggests preschool. Still, my almost 9 year old daughter seems to really enjoy it, but I think it’s the cute kitten aspect of the show, not necessarily the riveting plots. My younger boys also seem to generally enjoy it, but they are preschool and toddler aged. 

I’ve seen some adults give feedback to the show like its so cute because of the kittens aspect. Maybe this describes you, and that’s terrific for you. But I can’t, in good conscience, give this sad excuse for children’s entertain much praise. The songs get repeated over and over, plots are identical save for a few random changes, and at no point during the 20 minute rambling did they come close to making quality entertainment – even for kids.

That said, your young kids may – and this is a stretch – learn new ways to approach not so nice people. Every single villain in this series, like Cat Burglar, has “relatable” reasons to do the bad things they do. It may teach them empathy for people who do bad things, like maybe they have a tragic back story that explains why they did the terrible thing they did. 

Every episode ends with a moral lesson, such as not lying, cheating, or being a dick… only in preschool terms. They are some pretty basic lessons here, nothing new or earth shattering. Their the same lessons that kid shows have tried to teach for decades. 

The plots just plod along to the same ho-hum beat. Bad guy does some dick move, SuperKitties show up with their gadgets and shit, and they end up solving the bad guy’s problem. The bad guy then atones for his/her sins against Kittydale. 

I’m pretty sure an intern fills in different blanks with things like villain, side characters, moral, and dastardly deed. Then an AI bot goes and writes up a draft – that no one edits – and then the voice actors read off the AI created dribble. They then have some other intern – who opened Photoshop once during college for an elective- draw a few new scenes on the computer and splice together existing “footage.”

The most redeeming quality of the show is the most questionable. You can turn this crap on and walk away. You have about a 20 minute window to do whatever it is that floats your boat from chores to crack without them even noticing you have left. (Not guaranteed to work, not actual advice, and not responsible for your irresponsibility in leaving your children unintended or smoking crack. Follow this advice at your own peril.)


If you are looking for a low key baby sitter, SuperKitties may work great. It fades into the background very well with nothing interesting or catching to distract you from what you are trying to do.

Teaches kids that bad guys usually have understandable reasons for their actions and that they can solve their issues with kindness.


The music is incessant and inane.

No one I can think of deserves to be subjected to SuperKitties


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