Movie Time Dad has set out on a mission to honestly, and maybe even humorously, review the crap your kids are watching or want to watch.

Movie Time Dad is different than other review sites. I won’t always review the latest movies. I won’t always review the most popular movies. Hell, I won’t always review movies, I delve into TV and streaming series, some games, and books too.

Movie Time Dad is not common sense media. Common sense media shows you how badly you are going to screw up your kid if you let them watch some movie or show. They dive into hard hitting topics like consumerism, sex, violence, and language.

What Movie Time Dad tells you is how much will a movie or show:

  • screw the parent up
  • make you hate your life
  • feel like you need to get high or drunk just to sit through the movie
  • regret this latest parenting fail
  • wonder how hard the writers of the movie were tripping when they came up with the nonsense

If you disagree with a review or want to add your two cents, please, feel free to let me know through the comments section on each post.

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