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Guide to 27 Fun Bluey Characters You Need to Know Now

Guide to 27 Fun Bluey Characters You Need to Know Now

Bluey is a popular and surprisingly good Disney Junior show aimed at preschoolers to kindergarteners. If you want to be in the know about Bluey characters as a parent, then you need to check out this list of all the anamorphic dogs you’ll meet when watching Bluey.

The Bluey Family

Bluey Characters - Bluey's Family

The following Bluey characters make up Bluey’s family, the Heelers. They pretty much embody every single 80’s-90’s sitcom family that you can imagine and then multiply the enthusiastic involvement of the parents and family members by 10.

If 90’s families, like Full House, showed an idealist family, Bluey shows a unworldly, heavenly family that’s damn near impossible to strive for fully. In fact, if there is anything that makes Bluey characters annoying are just how freaking involved and willing to drop everything to play any number of make believe games.

While this would be awesome, let’s face some reality as parents. Most – not all – but most kids about Bluey’s age make up some pretty mind numbing games that are no where near Bluey’s level of inventiveness.

Nonetheless, here is the complete list of known family members and enablers of Bluey’s ongoing antics and games of make believe.

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Want something new to do while watching Bluey? Try to find all the hidden long dogs! If you have trouble or are just plain lazy, you can find all the known locations here.


Bluey Characters - Bluey

The titular character, Bluey is a 6 year old blue heeler. She is energetic, imaginative, and uses emerging leadership skills to help her friends and sister find their roles in their many games of make believe. She is anything but shy and will make friends with just about anyone she comes in contact with -making a list of Bluey characters quite long.

Her most annoying quality is her God-awful laugh. If you’ve heard it, you know. Its the laugh you never want to hear your kids make because it is shrill and very obnoxious.

Bluey catchphrase(s)

For real life?!

Obnoxious high-pitch squeal-laugh – you know the one…

Bluey episode appearances

Sort of a stupid category for Bluey since the show is named after her, but Bluey did miss one episode called Turtleboy. This was was season 03, episode 30.

Bingo (Bluey’s younger sister)

Bluey Characters - Bingo

Bluey’s younger sister, Bingo, joins her older sister nearly every episode. She is energetic and, along with Bluey, will help teach your kids how to speak Australian.

Unlike Bluey, Bingo is a full breed red heeler – not sure how that works Chilli… Bluey is a blue heeler, like her dad, which really makes you wonder about their parents. Wouldn’t they both be mixed red and blue heelers, like their Uncle Radley? Kind of makes you wonder if you stop and think about it for a few seconds.

Anyway, like Bluey, Bingo is often lost in her own little world. She is often the follower of her older sister and gets generally annoyed if she feel like her “little bark” is not being heard, which is relatable to a lot of kids.

For more info on Bingo, click here.

Catch phrase(s)

“Aw, no fair!”

Bingo episode appearances

Bingo, also known as Bluey’s little sister, is one of the main Bluey characters and appears in almost all of the episodes. In fact, it is easier and shorter to list the episodes she is not in:

01E05 – Shadowlands
S01E17 – Calypso
S01E23 – Shops
S01E37 – The Adventure
S01E40 – Early Baby
S01E41 – Mums and Dads
S02E16 – Army
S02E31 – Barky Boats
S02E41 – Octopus
S02E49 – Typewriter
S03E08 – Unicorse (mentioned)
S03E28 – Stories
S03E34 – Space

Bandit (Dad)

Bluey Characters - Bandit

If you thought growing up that Danny Tanner, Carl Winslow, or even Tim Taylor set the bar high for what a good dad would look like, you were wrong. We all were.

Of all the Bluey characters, Bandit sets the bar impossibly high. He’s rarely impatient, always plays along or adds to his children’s games, and will even go late to work just to please his daughters.

In some ways, he’s a breath of fresh air compared to modern dad portrayals on TV where most of the time a show portrays them as bumbling morons. But he is also a nearly impossible standard to achieve, even for all the involved dads out there.

Still, I’d personally rather see the projection of an ideal father figure compared to negative image often given. If Bandit helps set the bar high, so be it. Maybe it will encourage more dads to step up their parenting game.

Bandit catchphrases

“Oh, no, not (name of game)!”

“Oh, biscuits!”

Bandit episode appearances

Bandit, also known as Dad, appears in almost all episodes, and like Bingo, it is easier to list those he is not in:

  • S01E05 – Shadowlands
  • S01E17 – Calypso
  • S01E23 – Shops
  • S01E37 – The Adventure
  • S01E40 – Early Baby
  • S01E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S02E12 – Sticky Gecko
  • S02E16 – Army
  • S02E25 – Helicopter
  • S02E27 – Grandad
  • S02E30 – Library
  • S02E31 – Barky Boats
  • S02E43 – Muffin Cone
  • S02E49 – Typewriter
  • S03E28 – Stories
  • S03E34 – Space

Chilli (Mum or Mom)

Bluey Characters - Chili

Chilli is Bluey and Bingo’s mum – that’s Australian for mom for all Americans out there, stick with me to learn more Australian words. Like the rest of the family, she’s one of several important Bluey characters.

Like Bandit, Chilli sets a pretty high standard for being a mom. She is patient, kind, and helps her children grow and develop emotionally.

But she also says its OK to just do your best some days and that’s all you need to do, which from the mothers I know and have spoken with, is an important message because of “mom guilt.” Bluey shows her taking the time she needs for herself and not apologizing for not always being “on,” which is another important lesson for the moms out there that feel they can never stop.



Chilli episode appearances

Chilli, also known as Mum or in the correct, American English, Mom, appears in a majority of episodes, which makes sense since she’s Bluey and Bingo’s mother. The ones she is not in include:

  • S01E02 – Hospital
  • S01E11 – Bike
  • S01E14 – Takeaway (with the exception of her voice)
  • S01E15 – Butterflies
  • S01E17 – Calypso
  • S01E23 – Shops
  • S01E29 – The Creek
  • S01E34 – The Dump
  • S01E37 – The Adventure
  • S01E40 – Early Baby
  • S01E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S01E45 – Kids
  • S02E04 – Squash
  • S02E11 – Charades
  • S02E16 – Army
  • S02E29 – Movies
  • S02E31 – Barky Boats
  • S02E41 – Octopus
  • S02E47 – Ice Cream
  • S02E49 – Typewriter
  • S03E15 – Explorers
  • S03E25 – Ragdoll (mentioned only)
  • S03E28 – Stories
  • S03E30 – Turtleboy (mentioned only)
  • S03E34 – Space

Brandy Cattle

Brandy Cattle is Chilli’s older sister. Bluey and Bingo of course know her as Aunty Brandy.

Brandy remained absent from Bluey and Bingo’s lives for several years due to grief. She could not handle watching Chilli grow a family when she could not. Eventually, Chilli reached out to her and they reunited in Season 3.

Chilli explains to the kids “There’s something Aunty Brandy wants more than anything as well, but she can’t have it, and there’s not really anything anyone can do.”

Brandy appearances

Prior to season 3, Chilli’s sister was barely mentioned and not seen on screen other than in pictures. Now with her reuniting with the family, she may be seen more.

  • S03 E03 – Obstacle Course (pictured)
  • S03 EO4 – Promises (pictured)
  • S03 E09 – Curry Quest (pictured)
  • S03 E31 – Onesies (Debut)

In the theatrical production of Bluey, called Bluey’s Big Play, she gets mentioned and speaks with them on the phone. She does not appear on stage though.

Nana (Chris)

Bluey Characters - Nana

Not much is known about the mysterious Nana or Chris. She’s Bandit’s dad and Bluey and Bingo’s grandmother. She’s also retired.

The episodes she is in shows that she helped to teach Bandit good life lessons as a child and wants to feel important and needed in the family.

She is also one of the few characters confirmed to know how to do the “floss” dance move. Another fun fact, she had a perm in the 80s when shown in Fairytale.

Nana episode appearances

Nana, Chris, appears in only a few episodes and is more of several supportive Bluey characters compared to other family members. Appearances include:

  • S01E28 – Grannies (debut)
  • S02E11 – Charades
  • S02E21 – Escape
  • S02E39 – Double Babysitter (mentioned)
  • S02E45 – Handstand
  • S02E50 – Baby Race
  • S02E51 – Christmas Swim
  • S03E26 – Fairytale (young adult in a flashback)

Grandad (Bob)

Bluey Characters - Bob

If Nana is an enigma, Grandad (aka Bob) is an even bigger mystery when it comes to Bluey characters. In one flash back, you can see he was not nearly as considerate of young Bandit’s emotional well-being.

But you can see from his interaction with Bluey and other Bluey characters that he is an involved granddad. And, like Nana, he also knows how to floss.

Grandad episode appearances

Bluey’s Grandad, Bob, appears in the following episodes as one of several recurrent Bluey characters:

  • S1E28 – Grannies
  • S2E11 – Charades
  • S2E21 – Escape
  • SN/AEN/A – Humpty Dumpty (mentioned)
  • S3E2 – Bedroom (mentioned)
  • S3E26 – Fairytale (flashback of a younger Bob)

Uncle Stripe (Bandit’s younger brother)

Bluey Characters - Uncle Stripe

Uncle Stripe is Bandit and Radley’s younger brother and uncle to Bluey and Bingo. He is married to Aunt Trixie and sired two pups: Muffin and Socks. So yeah, he’s connected to a lot of other Bluey characters.

He’s at best a second tier character, but he has appeared in several episodes over the course of Bluey’s run on air. What little is known about him includes the fact that Bandit used to tease him due to his short height, and he calls Bluey’s mom Chilli Dog.

Uncle Stripe episode appearances

Uncle Stripe appears in several episodes that include the following:

  • S01E07 – BBQ
  • S01E08 – Fruitbat (Bluey’s dream)
  • S01E09 – Horsey Ride
  • S01E12 – Bob Bilby (cameo)
  • S01E32 – Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
  • S01E39 – The Sleepover
  • S01E43 – Camping (cameo)
  • S01E52 – Verandah Santa
  • S02E04 – Squash
  • S02E06 – Stumpfest
  • S02E11 – Charades
  • S02E30 – Library
  • S02E43 – Muffin Cone
  • S02E45 – Handstand
  • S02E47 – Ice Cream
  • S02E52 – Christmas Swim
  • SN/AEN/A – Honk
  • S03E10 – Magic
  • S03E13 – Housework
  • S03E19 – Pizza Girls
  • S03E22 – Whale Watching (mentioned)
  • S03E24 – Faceytalk
  • S03E26 – Fairytale
  • S03E35 – Smoochy Kiss

Aunt Trixie

Bluey characters - Aunt Trixie

Married to Uncle Stripe, Aunt Trixie is – sit down for this one – Bluey and Bingo’s aunt. It’s shocking, I know, take all the time you need with that tidbit. She’s also Muffin and Sock’s mother.

She plays hockey with Chilli, making her stand out quite a bit from other Bluey characters I might say.

She also tries to eat healthy, but, like many people, has issues when presented with tempting options to eat instead of good for you food.

Aunt Trixie episode appearances

Aunt Trixie is a Bluey character that appeared in less episodes than her daughter, Muffin. They include:

S01E07 – BBQ
S01E09 – Horsey Ride
S01E12 – Bob Bilby (cameo)
S01E32 – Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
S01E43 – Camping (cameo)
S02E06 – Stumpfest
S02E30 – Library(mentioned)
S02E43 – Muffin Cone
S02E45 – Handstand
S02E52 – Christmas Swim
S03E14 – Pass the Parcel
S03E19 – Pizza Girls
S03E24 – Faceytalk
S03E37 – The Decider

Muffin (Cousin)

Bluey Characters - Muffin

Muffin Cupcake Heeler is probably the worst, most obnoxious of all the Bluey characters in the entirety of the Bluey franchise. She is Stripe and Trixie’s daughter, Sock’s older sister, and Bluey’s cousin who is pretty much non-stop annoying.

I can’t really think of redeeming quality of hers. She is stubborn and bratty, but she generally like to play with her sister and cousins.

Muffin episode appearances

Muffin appears in the following episodes of Bluey:

S01E07 – BBQ (first time)
S01E09 – Horsey Ride
S01E11 – Bike
S01E28 – Grannies
S01E32 – Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
S01E36 – Backpackers
S01E39 – The Sleepover
S01E43 – Camping
S01E52 – Verandah Santa
S02E06 – Stumpfest
S02E11 – Charades
S02E21 – Escape
S02E30 – Library
S02E37 – The Quiet Game (mentioned)
S02E43 – Muffin Cone
S02E45 – Handstand (deleted scene)
S02E47 – Ice Cream
S02E51 – Christmas Swim
Short6 – Humpty Dumpty
Short17 – Honk
S03E01 – Perfect (drawing cameo)
S03E14 – Pass the Parcel
S03E19 – Pizza Girls
S03E24 – Faceytalk
S03E33 – Granny Mobile

Socks (Muffin’s sister)

Bluey Characters - Socks

Socks is the youngest addition to Muffin’s nuclear family. Unable to walk or talk like a proper anamorphic dog at first in the Blueyverse, Socks acts like a normal puppy that you’d see in the real world.

In season 1, she has only formed a few words, like “ballerina” and “gleen pepper (green pepper).” She is too young to understand her actions and will, like a real puppy, bite other Bluey characters.

In season 2, Socks could walk and talk a bit more like the rest of the anamorphic dogs in Bluey, but she will still revert to certain dog like traits from time to time.

Socks episode appearances

Socks is in the following episodes:

S01E07 – BBQ
S01E09 – Horsey Ride
S01E28 – Grannies
S01E32 – Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
S01E36 – Backpackers
S01E43 – Camping (cameo)
S01E52 – Verandah Santa
S02E11 – Charades
S02E21 – Escape
S02E45 – Handstand
S02E52 – Christmas Swim
SN/AEN/A – Humpty Dumpty
SN/AEN/A – Honk
S03E01 – Perfect
S03E14 – Pass the Parcel
S03E19 – Pizza Girls
S03E24 – Faceytalk

Radley (Dad’s oldest brother)

Bluey Characters - Uncle Radley

Radley “Rad” Heeler is Bandit’s older brother and Bluey and Bingo’s uncle. He is a mix of red and blue heeler. According to some theories, he may have gotten his color due to:

  • born from another Red Heeler from another parent
  • could possibly be adopted
  • could have a gene mutation
  • could be artificially insemitated
  • could be from a sperm donor

But let’s face reality that the most likely reason of all is that the mail man may have delivered a package to his mother that required special delivery.

Rad does not make his first appearance in the series until mid season 2. He shows up to babysit Bluey and Bingo. When he does, he joins their regular sitter, Frisky.

In later episodes, it is heavily implied that his smooth moves during that first meeting lead to a proposal and the two Bluey characters will get married in a future episode. This could lead to an epic show down between Bluey, Bingo, and Muffin to determine who will be flower girl, perhaps fighting to the death.

Radley episode appearances

Radley Heeler appears in the following episodes:

S02E03 – Featherwand
S02E11 – Charades
S02E39 – Double Babysitter
S02E52 – Christmas Swim
S03E10 – Magic
S03E13 – Housework
S03E26 – Fairytale
S03E35 – Smoochy Kiss

Bluey Friends and Acquaintances

Beyond Bluey’s rather large, and possible expanding family, several other Bluey characters help fill out the surprisingly vast world of anamorphic dogs that live in Australia. Here are some Bluey characters you may be looking for when your kid keeps bringing some random character up and you can’t figure out what the what they are talking about.


Bluey Characters - Chloe

Bluey’s best friend, Chloe is a 6-7 year old dalmatian who goes to Bluey’s school. Like a dalmatian, she has white fur with black spots.

Unlike other cartoons, like the Simpsons where the characters have been the same age for around 30 some years, Chloe actually aged in Bluey, turning 7.

Other fun facts:

  • her house number is 101, referencing Disney property 101 Dalmatians
  • she can’t say the word “dunny” in her house because it is naughty
  • she shares a favorite in universe show with Bluey called Chunky Chimp

Epsiodes she is in:

  • S01E11 – Bike (debut)
  • S01E13 – Spy Game
  • S01E17 – Calypso
  • S01E23 – Shops
  • S01E37 – The Adventure
  • S01E40 – Early Baby
  • S01E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S02E03 – Featherwand (mentioned)
  • S02E09 – Bingo (mentioned)
  • S02E16 – Army
  • S02E25 – Helicopter
  • S02E28 – Seesaw
  • S02E31 – Barky Boats
  • S02E41 – Octopus
  • S02E45 – Handstand
  • S02E48 – Dunny (mentioned)
  • S02E49 – Typewriter
  • S03E01 – Perfect (drawing cameo)
  • S03E09 – Curry Quest
  • S03E14 – Pass the Parcel
  • S03E15 – Explorers
  • S03E28 – Stories
  • S03E34 – Space

Pom Pom

Bluey Characters - Pom Pom

Pom Pom is one of the smallst Bluey characters to appear. She is a 5 year old pup, making her the same age as Bingo. In shocking news, she is a Pomeranian.

She only has appeared in 3 episodes as of 2023, and despite being in the same grade level as her friend, she is never actually shown in her Kindy.

Her absence could imply she is homeschooled or go to a different school. It’s also possible that the writers and animators don’t really want to include the little white fluff ball much.

Episodes she appears in:

  • S2E28 – Seesaw
  • S3E9 – Curry Quest (end credits cameo)
  • S3E14 – Pass the Parcel

Mackenzie Border Collie

Bluey Characters - Mackenzie

Oddly enough, Mackenzie Border Collie is a border collie. Take as much time with that as you need.

Mackenzie is one of Bluey’s classmates and participates in games with her from time to time. He is impatient, easily frustrated, rude at times, and easy to cheer up. He is one of several secondary Bluey characters that appears in several episodes.

Episodes with Mackenzie include:

  • S1E08 – Fruitbat (cameo)
  • S1E11 – Bike (cameo)
  • S1E13 – Spy Game
  • S1E23 – Shops
  • S1E29 – The Creek
  • S1E32 – Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
  • S1E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S2E08 – Daddy Dropoff
  • S2E16 – Army (cameo)
  • S2E25 – Helicopter
  • S2E31 – Barky Boats
  • S2E33 – Circus
  • S2E45 – Handstand
  • S3E09 – Curry Quest
  • S3E14 – Pass The Parcel
  • S3E15 – Explorers (cameo)
  • S3E28 – Stories
  • S3E34 – Space
  • S3E37 – The Decider

Despite being one of the few male friends of Bluey, people often mistake him for a girl. This has actually caused some translated versions of his character to get the incorrect gender translator.


Winton is a secondary character that shows up from time to time throughout the the series. He is an English Bulldog who is very obedient due to his breed.

His mother and father do not live together, which implies they are divorced. He is one of Bluey’s classmates and friends.

Winton episodes

Winton appears in several episodes, including:

  • S01 E20 – Markets (debut)
  • S01 E29 – The Creek
  • S01 E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S01 E50 – Shaun
  • S02 E02 – Hammerbarn (cameo)
  • S02 E08 – Daddy Dropoff
  • S02 E16 – Army (cameo)
  • S02 E25 – Helicopter
  • S02 E31 – Barky Boats
  • S02 E33 – Circus
  • S02 E45 – Handstand
  • S02 E47 – Ice Cream (cameo)
  • S02 E49 – Typewriter
  • S03 E28 – Stories
  • S03 E34 – Space (cameo)
  • S03E47 – Wild Girls


Indy - Bluey Characters

Indy is an Afghan Hound who is a friend of Bluey’s and one of her classmates. She is distinctive because of her hippie vest and sporting the heart of tafiti. I’m still waiting for the episode where she belts out “I am MOANA!”

Indy episodes

If you are obsessed with this hippie, you can check her out in the following episodes:

S01 E17 – Calypso
S01 E18 – The Doctor
S01 E20 – Markets
S01 E40 – Early Baby
S01 E41 – Mums and Dads
S02 E25 – Helicopter
S02 E31 – Barky Boats (cameo)
S02 E45 – Handstand
S03 E15 – Explorers (cameo)
S03 E28 – Stories
S03 E34 – Space
S03 E44 – Wild Girls

Jack Russel

Jack Russel - Bluey characters

A newer member of Bluey’s class, Jack Russel gets his name from his small but fierce little breed of dog. This little dog typically rules all other dogs in the house.

In Bluey, Jack gets introduced as a child who like has ADHD or some other neurodivergent trait that makes him have trouble focusing and fitting in. That too seems reasonable for a Jack Russel terrier.

He ends up meeting Rusty, who let’s him join his “army.” This gives Jack some purpose and he ends up fitting in well.

Jack Russel episodes

Jack appears in several episodes of Bluey, including:

  • S02 E16 – Army
  • S02 E25 – Helicopter
  • S02 E47 – Ice Cream (cameo)
  • S03 E09 – Curry Quest (cameo)
  • S03 E15 – Explorers
  • S03 E34 – Space
  • S03 E44 – Wild Girls (cameo)
  • S03 E45 – TV Shop (cameo)
  • S03 E47 – Cricket


Rusty - Bluey characters

Rusty is one of Bluey’s classmates and friends. He makes a very early appearance in the series compared to some other characters. He is a Red Kelpie.

He plays cricket and supposedly rides a motorbike, but the creators have yet to show this.

Fun fact, in early development of Bluey, writers and animators thought about making him the main protagonist. If you look at his design, you can see he looks a lot like Bluey, he just has a red/tan color scheme. Ultimately and obviously, they decided to make Bluey the main character.

Rusty is an “army brat” and talks about his father being on deployment to fight bad guys. He has an older brother, Digger, and younger brother, Dusty.

Rusty episodes

Rusty appears in several episodes including:

  • S01 E17 – Calypso (debut)
  • S01 E18 – The Doctor
  • S01 E23 – Shops
  • S01 E30 – Fairies
  • S01 E40 – Early Baby
  • S01 E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S02 E16 – Army
  • S02 E25 – Helicopter
  • S02 E31 – Barky Boats
  • S02 E45 – Handstand
  • S03 E15 – Explorers
  • S03 E28 – Stories
  • S03 E34 – Space
  • S03 E44 – Wild Girls
  • S03 E45 – TV Shop (cameo)
  • S03 E47 – Cricket


Digger - Bluey characters

Digger is Rusty’s older brother. He plays cricket and allows his younger brother to play from time to time.

He is likely 12 years old and is friends with Mia and Captain, who are both in year 6. This is the last year before they go to high school.

His name is likely a nod to the slang term used to describe Australian infantry men, “diggers.” His dad is in the military.

Digger episodes

Digger has only appeared in one episode as of season 3. His episodes include:

  • S03 E47 – Cricket (debut)


Dusty - Bluey characters

Dusty is Rusty and Digger’s little sister. Not much is known about her at the moment, but she is younger than Bluey and her friends.

Dusty episodes

Dusty had her debut in Season 3. Her appearances include:

  • S03 E47 – Cricket (debut)


Lucky - Bluey's friend

Lucky is one of Bluey’s neighbors and friend from school. He lives with his younger brother, mum, and dad.

He is a yellow lab along with the rest of his family. If they stay true to labs, they should be one of the most friendly (and stupid) families in the Bluey universe.

Lucky episodes

Lucky appears in the following episodes:

  • S01 E03 – Keepy Uppy (Debut)
  • S01 E12 – Bob Bilby (Cameo)
  • S01 E18 – The Doctor
  • S01 E29 – The Creek (Cameo)
  • S01 E30 – Fairies (Cameo)
  • S01 E32 – Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound
  • S01 E49 – Asparagus (Mentioned)
  • S02 E10 – Rug Island
  • S02 E13 – Dad Baby
  • S02 E45 – Handstand
  • S03 E14 – Pass the Parcel
  • S03 E37 – The Decider
  • S03 E47 – Cricket


Pat - Bluey characters

Pat is Lucky and Chucky’s dad, Janelle’s husband, and neighbor of the Heelers. He is a yellow lab.

He appears in some of the best episodes of Bluey, such as the Decider.

Pat episodes

Pat appears in the following episodes of Bluey:

  • S01 E03: Keepy Uppy
  • S01 E08: Fruitbat
  • S01 E12: Bob Bilby (cameo)
  • S01 E20: Markets (cameo)
  • S01 E30: Fairies (cameo)
  • S01 E49: Asparagus
  • S01 E50: Shaun
  • S02 E01: Dance Mode
  • S02 E02: Hammerbarn
  • S02 E03: Featherwand
  • S02 E06: Stumpfest
  • S02 E10: Rug Island
  • S02 E13: Dad Baby
  • S02 E23: Queens
  • S02 E33: Circus (cameo)
  • S03 E01: Perfect (cameo)
  • S03 E05: Born Yesterday
  • S03 E14: Pass the Parcel
  • S03 E37: The Decider
  • S03 E47: Cricket


Janelle - Bluey characters

Janelle is a yellow lab and neighbor to the Heelers. She is married to Pat and the mother of Chucky and Lucky.

Though she does not appear in as many episodes of Bluey as her husband, she may be at the center of one of the most controversial love triangles as Pat may be secretly nailing Chilli. You can read all about Bluey Conspiracies here.

Janelle episodes

Janelle appears in only a few episodes of Bluey, including:

  • S01 E49 – Asparagus (Mentioned)
  • S01 E50 – Shaun (Mentioned)
  • S02 E10 – Rug Island (Mentioned)
  • S03 E14 – Pass the Parcel (Debut)
  • S03 E37 – The Decider


Chucky Bluey Characters

Hell, there’s a Lucky, might as well have a Chucky, particularly if it is sibling of his. Chucky is Janelle and Pat’s second son. Like the rest of his perfect little family, he is a yellow lab.

Chucky is friendly with Bluey and Bingo, but little is known about him so far. He has only been in on two episodes.

Chucky episodes

Chucky has only been in two episodes, they include:

  • S03 E14 – Pass the Parcel (debut)
  • S03 E37 – The Decider


Calypso - Bluey characters

Calypso is a compassionate, sage-like kindy (that’s Australian for kindergarten) teacher. She often helps guide her students emotional well-being and helps them to develop both imaginative play capabilities and critical thinking skills.

She is a blue merle Australian shepherd. She teaches at Bluey’s school, Glasshouse Primary School. She is distinctive, in part, because she always wears a blue shawl.

Calypso episodes

You can find Calypso in the following episodes:

  • S1 E17 – Calypso
  • S1 E37 – The Adventure (cameo)
  • S1 E40 – Early Baby
  • S1 E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S2 E08 – Daddy Dropoff (cameo)
  • S2 E16 – Army
  • S2 E31 – Barky Boats
  • S2 E33 – Circus (cameo)
  • S2 E49 – Typewriter
  • S3 E15 – Explorers
  • S3 E28 – Stories
  • S3 E34 – Space
  • S3 E44 – Wild Girls
  • S3 E47 – Cricket (cameo)


Jean-Luc Bluey characters

Jean-Luc appeared for his first and only time so far in Camping. He represents French-Canadians and is a labrador retriever.

He is unable to speak English and Bluey is unable to speak French, but they end up starting a short lived friendship despite the barrier. The pair meet every day until the day Jean-Luc leaves, which of course upsets Bluey.

Chilli explains to Bluey that “Well look, sometimes special people come into our lives, stay for a bit, and then they have to go.” Like many episodes of Bluey, it teaches a much deeper lesson about life than “do you see the red block,” right Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

More Bluey characters coming soon….

Bluey games

If you or your kids love Bluey, try these easy to play games inspired by the series.

Or for some mental games, read about some of the many Bluey conspiracy theories out there here.