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Bluey Games: 13 Bluey Inspired Games to Play Now

Bluey Games: 13 Bluey Inspired Games to Play Now

Bluey games can help get you up and active with your kids.

Sure, some of these are pretty basic and just rebranded as “Bluey games,” but if you like the idea of getting more energy out of your kids by calling them “Bluey games” than more power to you.

Bluey Games to Play

If you love the games Bluey plays on the TV, now’s your chance to join in the fun. Here are 11 Bluey games inspired by the nonstop – and I mean nonstop – action in Bluey.

1. Bluey Hide and Seek

This one is all about marketing when it comes to Bluey games. Of course hide and seek has nothing to do with Bluey, technically, though they do play it at least once during the course of the series.

The best part about this Bluey-inspired game is you don’t need to do anything all that special, you just need to sell it to your kids as “Let’s play Bluey hide and seek!”

Kids are so dumb, they’ll fall for it.

Materials needed

None, though I guess you need a large enough space with places to hide.

What to do

You need at least one hider, one seeker, and at least a few hiding spots. Say, “Let’s play Bluey hide and seek. You hide first.”

Pro tip: Whether you choose to find them right away is up to you. It’s not your fault if it takes a cup of coffee/wine/beer/whatever and an hour or so to find them. They were just that good at hiding.

2. The Magic Claw Game

Magic Claw Machine - Bluey Games

This Bluey game straight up comes from the show. Bandit becomes a magic claw machine to play with Bluey and Bingo, offering basically toys they already have on hand and special cool gift. You don’t have to offer any cool gifts, just doing this should make them happy.

If not, they are spoiled ingrates who don’t deserve anything special anyway.

Materials needed

This Bluey game requires your kids to gather up some of their toys. If you have it, you could use a small barrier, bin, or pillows to create a pit.

Another useful prop could be an old game controller or stick to add to the illusion of operating the claw.

What to do

To make this work, you need to sit in your toy pit with your hand raised up. You can make fun beeping noises and speak in a robotic voice if you really want to overachieve here. But hey, just going for a magic claw is good enough if that’s all you got.

In any case, you need to tell your kid you are ready to start. They then “direct” your arm with the joystick and you try to move towards what they wanted.

It’s up to you if you want to grab the toy or drop it like a dick. You know, like a real claw machine.

If you have multiple kids, they can take turns or fight each other for dominance to decide who’s next.

3. Finding Fairies

This episode of Bluey is called Fairies. In the episode, fairies go around creating mischief. The family bands together to figure out where the fairies are.

The game is similar, except rather than encouraging your kids to do stupid shit around the house that will just piss you off, you have them hide small toys or candies for others to find.

Materials needed

You don’t need much for this game. You can gather a few small toys, candies, or other treats to spread around the room.

What to do

Finding fairies is so simple even your 5 year old gets it. One person becomes the fairy while the rest become the treasure hunters.

To play, everyone but the fairy closes their eyes while the fairy hides the toys, candy, or whatever crap you have so that everyone else can it find around the room.

Bonus fun: Have the fairy close their eyes too as they try to hide the trinkets. Make sure to record the mayhem.

Once all the junk gets hidden, the rest of the group opens their eyes and hunts for the treasure the fairies left.

4. Zoo

Nothing says Bluey games like a rousing round of imaginary play. In this case, you can play zoo with your kids. That’s right, you need to be really, really bored or in need of a break to play this with the little ones. Good luck.

Materials needed

Zoo uses stuffed animals or children pretending to be animals. You will need stuffed animals, dress up clothes if the kids want to dress as animals, and/or play clothes for one of the kids to be a zoo keeper.

For added fun, you can have tourists and other characters in the zoo.

You also may want to create dedicated cages. That sounds too dark, let’s call them “enclosures” or “habitats” instead. Sounds less like prison for animals.

What to do

Use the materials for your “enclosures” to make the “habitats” for the animals in the zoo and then toss the animals in them. You know, like a real zoo.

Chose one child or adult to be a zoo keep. Additional players can be animals, tourists, or other characters of their choice.

They could also control the different animals in the zoo as the zoo keeper tends to them. So if you are playing a lion, you could conveniently maul the zoo keeper in frustration of being kept in a cage. I’m sorry, “enclosure.”

5. Fairy Hunt

Also based on the episode of Bluey called Fairies, in this game, you hunt the fairy(-ies). They ain’t leaving shit behind in this game, they are running for their freedom. It’s tag meets hide and seek in this free for all.

Materials needed

Nothing really, it’s kind of like tag and hide and seek combined.

What to do

If you ever played man hunt, this is basically that with young kids. The premise is fairies have invaded the house/yard and non-fairies need to hunt them because nothing is more fun to the average American than imprisoning innocent little creatures.

To play, have non-fairies sit together and close their eyes. The fairy or fairies have a chance to run and hide. Their goal is to make it to the fairy realm where they will be safe. You need to designate this place before starting.

The humans’ goal is to capture the fairies and put them in fairy jail.

Once found, the humans can tag them or the fairies may elude capture and make it back to the fairy world.

The game ends when all fairies are either safe or captured. You can add rules like a free fairy can free a trapped one and such if you like.

6. Asparagus

Yes you too can liven up any meal with the wand of asparagus. While enjoying or gritting your teeth through a family meal, bring a piece of asparagus for someone to use to turn another family member into an animal of their choice. They then act like the animal as they eat.

What could go wrong?

Materials needed

You only need the meal you serve to the family and a stalk of uncooked asparagus. You could use a cooked one, but it is limp and less fun, hopefully not like your significant other.

What to do

After serving the same crap to your family for the um-teenth time, liven it up by having one of them take possession of the magic asparagus. Once they have it, they point to a family member and call out the name of an animal.

The person then acts like the animal as they eat their food. This will make a delightful mess, but it may also get them to eat some of the food they never touch.

If this fails, its time to consider just how bad is your cooking.

7. Climb Mount Mumanddad

Mount Mumanddad, known as Mount Momanddad in American English, is an impressive peak that young explorers need to climb. Did you say you were “touched out” or being smothered? Well, this game is 100% for you!

Materials needed

Pillows, back packs, flashlights, a flag to plant at the top, and you. That’s right, you and your partner make up the base of the mountain for them to climb.

What to do

You and your true love sit or lay next to or on top of each other while the kids bury your sorry asses under blankets and pillows to create the mountain. They could just climb you, but pillows and blankets help soften blows to the nuts and other sensitive areas.

Once created, this Bluey game requires your kids to explore the mountain and climb to the top. Bonus points to you if you are as hung over as Bandit and Chilli seem to be during this episode of Bluey.

This game is a good reminder that Bluey is a cartoon and you don’t have to do everything the parents on Bluey do in order to be good parents. We all know you will never live up to them anyway and a couple of feet or knees to the face will help further prove that point.

8. Magic Xylophone

Bluey games lists all need to have magic xylophone for the simple reason it is so damn well known. It’s also relatively simple to play.

Materials needed

To play magic xylophone, you need a freaking xylophone or some other equally loud device or toy your kids can use to make a single tone.

How to play

The magic xylophone gives the bearer the power to freeze and unfreeze their victims. They can then pose them in funny ways, dress them up in funny outfits, or do other shit to them.

To freeze a person, the bearer just bangs once on the xylophone. Parents or other children can try to grab the xylophone for the power before being frozen if they can.

This can lead to some good fights for dominance that you get to sit back and watch, or they play nicely for a while. Either way its going to be a good time.

9. Follow the leader

One of the many Bluey games taken straight from real life that all kids play eventually, follow the leader doesn’t really take a big departure from the traditional play. Someone leads a group around the house, yard, or wherever.

Yup, it’s mind numbing.

Materials needed

Just your imagination. But seriously, you could get instruments or flags if you have a mental health disorder that attracts you to loud noises. You do you though.

What to do

Pick a leader or have them fight for dominance. Once a leader gets anointed, have them parade around collecting the followers.

If you are an overzealous religious pearl clutcher (or know one), you can pretend they are prophesizing to the heathens. I picture the Flanders’ kids from The Simpsons here loving this concept.

10. Keepy uppy

No list of Bluey games would be complete without including keepy uppy. This simple game can help keep the kids entertained for at least a few minutes each day.

Materials needed

You need any color balloon. If you want to go really nuts, you can use more than one. But if you don’t want to go to crazy just yet, one will do.

What to do

If you don’t know what keepy uppy is you can see yourself out.

All you have to do is blow up one or more balloons and then tap them into the air.

The objective of the game is to keep the balloon or balloons up in the air and off the ground. You can use your head, hands, feet, knees, or any body part to keep the balloon floating in the air with a gentle to aggressive tap.

The game ends when the balloon or balloons hit the ground.

11. Squish squash

In this Bluey inspired game, you use pillows or other soft objects to “crush” your kids. It’s really therapeutic in some ways.

Materials needed

You can use pillows, couch cushions, larger stuffed animals, or your own body weight when on a soft surface such as a bed or couch.

What to do

There really is no winning or losing squish squash. You just squeeze a kid between one or more soft objects and yell “Squish squash” every time you do so. You can play as long as you like, alternating between squishing them and letting them go so they think they are free before squashing them again.

Bonus tip: You can play the same game with your true love when the kids go to bed. You don’t need any materials for the adult version, unless you want to bring some toys for it you dirty minded freak.

12. Dancing statues

Bluey games that require you to get up and active with music are really great. Real great.

Materials needed

Any of your multiple devices that can play songs.

How to play

You turn on the music. The kids dance.

You turn of the music. The kids freeze.

If you see them moving once the music stops, you call them out and they sit out the next round. The game continues with periods of music and silence until you are emotionally done and drained or the last child stands without moving during a break.

13. Daddy (or Mummy) Robot

You can play daddy or mummy robot in any dirty room of the house. I don’t suggest playing this often as it may encourage your kids to be more dirty and disgusting, but it may liven up clean up time every now and then.

Materials needed

A good humored mum or dad as well as a cluttered room is all you need.

How to play

To play daddy robot, you just need to have the kids direct you as you clean up a room. You can be an obedient robot and follow directions, or you could have fun with it and start cleaning up everything, including the kids themselves.

Or you could become self aware like Skynet and hunt Sarah Connor.

Whatever, it’s your game with the kids.

Online Bluey Games

Bluey games are available online, but they are relatively limited. You can check out what Bluey’s official website has to offer here.

The two current games are simple versions of Keepy Uppy and Magic Xelephone. If your children are screen oriented, this may work well. It also works well for lazy parents too.

But if you want to get them away from a screen, you can seriously do the same exact games so get off your lazy ass.

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