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Bingo from Bluey: 12 Facts You Need to Know Now

Bingo from Bluey: 12 Facts You Need to Know Now

Bingo from Bluey is one of the best parts of Bluey, the Australian based computer animated series about the anamorphic dog family, the Heelers.

Who is Bingo from Bluey?

Bingo from Bluey

Bingo from Bluey is an anamorphic Red Heeler who’s relevance to the show is second only to Bluey herself. She is the youngest in her nuclear family that contains Bandit (dad), Chilli (mum that’s Australian for mom), and Bluey (sister).


In Season 1 through most of Season 2, Bingo is 4 years old. By the end of Season 2, she turned 5.


Bingo has the coloration of a Red heeler.

Bingo’s feet, tail tip, muzzle, chest, hands, and eyebrows have the light cream appearance. Orange appears on her legs, arms, tail stem, torso, and inner ears. Her tail spot, left and right head, outer ears, and back spot appear as a dark orange.

Her nose is brown. So she’s -literally – a brown nose. She, like most if not all characters, lacks any color in her eyes.

Family members

Bingo comes from a blend of Red and Blue heelers. Unlike her sister, who came out as a Blue heeler, Bingo is a Red heeler.

Not being a breeding expert myself, I looked into whether it was possible for this to happen because – obviously – a children’s show has to be 100% accurate to real life or it is absolute crap. Turns out, the parents’ coat colors play only a small role in what color the pups will be.

Mating two Blue heelers may increase the chances of a Blue heeler, but they could also make Red heelers. Red heelers, like Bingo’s mom, can create Red heelers no matter who they mate with.

In other words, in Bingo’s family, Bluey is likely the anomaly since Chilli would likely produce two Red heelers. But Redey doesn’t really have the same ring to it as Bluey.

And now you know.

This begs the question of just what the hell is Uncle Radley.

He’s a genuine mix of blue and red coloring. I’ve come to understand and pass along different fan theories, such as he may be adopted or Chris may have gotten busy with another heeler in her youth since he is the oldest.

Bluey’s writers/animators based Bingo’s uncle on an actual, though rare phenomenon, in the Heeler breed where a Red heeler mates with a Blue heeler to produce a red and blue colored offspring.

This would suggest that maybe Chris did get busy with a hot young Red heeler. But if you look closely at Bob, he looks like he is also mixed color, which may explain Radley’s own mixed hair color.

Since who doesn’t love a good meme, here is Bingo’s family tree:

Bingo from Bluey - Family Tree


While minor characters, such as Socks or Aunt Brandy, have an easy list of appearances in the show, Bingo from Bluey is easier to explain in the number of episodes you will not see her in. Here they are:

  • Season (S) 01 Episode (E) 05 – Shadowlands
  • S01 E17 – Calypso
  • S01 E23 – Shops
  • S01 E37 – The Adventure
  • S01 E40 – Early Baby
  • S01 E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S02 E16 – Army
  • S02 E31 – Barky Boats
  • S02 E41 – Octopus
  • S02 E49 – Typewriter
  • S03 E08 – Unicorse (mentioned)
  • S03 E28 – Stories
  • S03 E34 – Space
  • S03 E44 – Wild Girls


Bingo from Bluey has a generally perky, upbeat personality. Despite being younger herself, she is not nearly as obnoxious as Muffin. She does struggle sometimes to stand up for herself and express her feelings with her – and I’m quoting here – “big girl bark.”

She enjoys playing with her sister, Bluey. Usually their games involve long periods of make believe play with full involvement from her parent or parents.

Yes, Bingo’s parents drop everything they are doing to play in elaborate games and fantasies. This has lead to a phenomenon known as Bluey Inferiority Complex (BIC). BIC is a serious affliction in which human parents feel like deadbeats compared to Bandit and Chilli.

And no, I definitely didn’t make that up on the spot here when writing about Bingo from Bluey. I hear the DSM-VI will feature this as an actual diagnosable mental health condition. Or did I. Well, that’s where Google comes in handy.

But if Bluey makes you feel bad about your own skills as a parent, remember this: its the equivalent of watching social media. Your friends, assuming you have any, are not often posting their worst. They post only their best.

You know the friends that do this. Hell, maybe you do it too.

All that is to say, the Heelers (aka the show Bluey) are only showing you the “best” parts of their day where they could be “on it.” But I’ll also add, if you watch episodes closely, you will see times when Bandit is tired, Chilli actively takes breaks for self-care, and so on.

They’re not perfect parents, they just have some really good moments they care to share with you.

Don’t worry if you will never live up to them. No one will. Ever. Especially you.

Bingo from Bluey FAQs

You asked about Bingo from Bluey, so here you go. Answers to all the questions.

Is Bingo from Bluey a boy or girl?

Bingo from Bluey is a girl, as is her sister Bluey. Her cousin, Muffin, is also a girl, but her other cousin, Socks, is a boy.

What is Bingo’s personality in Bluey?

Like most 4 year old children, Bingo loves to play. And like most younger siblings, she often follows her older sister’s lead. Occasionally, you will see her use her “big girl bark” to express herself and ask for more turns or to take the lead, which may help younger viewers who are also developing this skill set.

What kind of dog is Bingo’s mom?

Bingo and Bingo’s mom (that’s American for ‘mum’) are both Red heelers. Her sister and dad are both Blue heelers.

What is Bingo’s full name from Bluey?

Bingo from Bluey’s full name is Bingo Heeler. The family’s last name is a nod to the family’s dog breed. Heelers are Australian Cattle Dogs bred for loyalty and working. They come in different colors, primarily Red and Blue.

What happened to Chili’s mom on Bluey?

Fans of Bluey speculated that Chill’s mother had passed away. In season 3, an episode called Dragon confirmed the theory is actually correct. Her mother passed away, leaving her only with her dad.

Who is Bingo’s real mom?

Bingo’s mom is Chilli. As per my explanation above, it is possible – in fact likely- that as a Red heeler, Chilli would bear mainly heelers with a red coloration. Bluey is the anomaly in the family here. Maybe you should be asking who Bluey’s mother is.

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