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12 Bluey Conspiracy Theories that really make you think now

12 Bluey Conspiracy Theories that really make you think now

Bluey conspiracy theories are a thing. People who love or at least tolerate the show can’t help but come up with theories about Bluey’s family and friends that help to fill in the gaps not shown on screen.

The theories about Bluey come from all over the internet. Many present evidence based on subtle details found in either a single episode or that span multiple seasons. They all share a common theme of providing an interesting point to ponder.

Bluey conspiracy theories

Here are 12 Bluey conspiracy theories to get you thinking. There is not particular order to them since each can be intriguing in their own right and to different people.

1. Bandit and Chilli are swingers

The first of many Bluey conspiracy theories revolves around Bandit and Chilli’s sex life, namely, are they swingers?

This theory appears to have its origin on Reddit with users questioning if Chilli and Lucky’s dad, Pat, are hitting on each other. They cite evidence from the Dance Mood and Stumpfest episodes that seem to show a mutual attraction.

Others suggest that Bandit and Wendy, their other neighbor, may share a sexual attraction. This is also shown across multiple Bluey episodes.

Taking it further, the Bluey household features some pineapples in their décor.

Swingers use an upside down pineapple to secretly identify themselves as swingers and that they are looking for a partner. They may wear a shirt with a pineapple on it or use a pin. If one appears on a front porch, it invites swingers to come join a “party.”

All these little details combine to create a compelling case supporting this Bluey conspiracy theory.

Just don’t bring this up in front of her voice actress, Melanie Zanetti. She stanchly defends Chilli’s and Bandit’s relationship.

2. Bluey is a rainbow baby

While less solacious for sure, this Bluey conspiracy theory suggests that Chilli had a miscarriage before having Bluey. For those of you who don’t know, when a couple has a child closely following a miscarriage, it is known as a rainbow baby.

If true, it just adds an extra layer of emotional intelligence to a show that goes much deeper than the regular dribble of Disney Junior, like Mickey Mouse Funhouse or Mira, Royal Detective.

3. Bandit and Chilli have a criminal enterprise

This fascinating theory suggests that Bandit and Chilli deal with precious artifacts on the black market. Proponents of the theory cite several bits of evidence including:

  • Bandit is an archeologist so he would have access to new or rare artifacts that he digs up.
  • Chilli works at airport security, which would give her easy access to and inside knowledge of the security at the airport. This would make it easier to smuggle the goods out.
  • The town and the house they live in are far outside of their means based on their estimated annual salaries and costs of living, suggesting they may need to do more than just the described jobs.

This theory is certainly interesting, but it also hinges on the idea that cost of living in an anamorphic dog world would be the same as the human world. The whole theory falls apart if they can actually afford their house and lifestyle.

Further damning evidence comes from a Reddit user who notes that the theory doesn’t hold up because Bandit is likely an expert in his field and well-respected. As a result, he likely writes books that help to pay for their housing and lifestyle.

I think I prefer the dark undertone a criminal enterprise suggests and the even bigger picture it presents.

Instead of the crappy 5th installment to the Indiana Jones franchise that bombed in theaters, it would have been so much better to feature a cross-over event where, rather than fighting Nazis, Indy worked to undo the Heeler’s vast criminal network selling artifacts that “belong in a museum!”

4. McKenzie is living with depression

Bluey is well-known for having themes and meanings that parents and older children may relate to. In a season 3 episode called “Space,” Mackenzie, one of Bluey’s classmates and friends, appears to have depression.

During the episode, he enters a “blackhole” that some theorize represents depression.

Watching the episode, I got more of a growing up and dealing with separation anxiety, but I could see how people living with this often silent mental health disorder may very well relate to a Bluey character that is coping with his own struggles.

5. Bingo has Celiac’s disease

This may belong less to Bluey conspiracy theories and more to keen observations of Bluey characters, like Bingo. This theory suggests that Bingo, Bluey’s sister, is living with Celiac’s disease. This autoimmune condition causes a person to have a severe reaction whenever they eat products that contain gluten, such as bread or pasta.

Though not officially confirmed, evidence includes an episode in season 1 where Bingo is in the hospital for unexplained reasons as well as later episodes discussing gluten free foods.

If you want to learn more about Bingo, click here.

6. Judo’s parents got divorced

Another one of the interesting Bluey conspiracy theories suggests that Judo, Bluey’s neighbor and friend, has divorced parents.

Those who support the theory suggest evidence includes:

  • Bluey mentions she is often gone for a while, suggestive of her visiting or living with her dad
  • Bluey mentions Judo’s mom, Wendy, is often alone

Oddly, this theory also supports the idea that Bandit and Wendy may actually have a thing going on because, well, there may not be any barriers to them getting together.

7. Indy’s mom’s affair

Another Bluey theory suggests that Indy’s mom is having an affair with a worker at the grocery store where she sells her gluten free products. The very loose evidence comes from a single episode where the pair walk into the grocery store awfully close to each other.

Others suggest that this may indicate a polyamorous relationship between the two side characters.

8. Bob’s dead

You probably don’t know Bob by name alone, but if you do, well, you’re probably a Bluey nerd. Bob is Bandit’s dad and Bluey and Bingo’s paternal grandad.

This theory suggests that Bob is no longer living. The evidence revolves around never seeing him in current episodes, including ones at Nana’s house. That’s some super sleuthing right there.

So Bob is clearly either dead or living at an assisted living facility.

9. The Heelers are Famous

Another interesting theory suggests that the Heelers are as well known as the Kardashians are in the real world. Now, we all know they became famous because Kim had a large ass in a sex tape, which begs the question, how would the Heelers have become equally as famous for literally nothing?

Lucky’s dad did enthusiastically yell to Chilli to “shake it” during Dance Mode, which maybe provides evidence to exactly how they became famous. Maybe Chilli shook her ass in a leaked sex video, giving them instant fame for, well, nothing.

10. Coco’s family is a bunch of show dogs

This hohum Bluey theory involves Coco, a pink colored poodle. She is the only brightly colored dog, leading some people to believe that she is a show dog. This may suggest her parents have her involved in beauty pageants or similar shows.

Yeah, pretty lame theory if you ask me, but maybe its true, which could mean her family is as god awful as the parents on Toddlers and Tiaras.

No, what am I thinking. No one is that terrible.

11. Jack has ADHD

Jack, one of Bluey’s newer classmates, likely has a condition called attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). This condition causes a child to have trouble focusing and to present with excessive levels of energy at times.

Jack likely has ADHD based on his mentioned behaviors, such as being unable to sit still and having trouble at school, which is common in children with ADHD.

Some also suggest that Bluey has ADHD but presents as a girl might with easy distractibility and impulsivity.

Confirmed theory

One of the few confirmed Bluey conspiracy theories is that she is a rainbow baby. In a season one episode, Bluey pretends to be pregnant with a balloon stuffed in her shirt. The balloon pops suddenly, which makes Chilli sad and triggers Bandit to comfort her.

The show creator, Joe Brumm, later confirmed that the theory is actually correct.

In season 3, Onesies introduces the idea that Chilli and her sister, Brandy, may both struggle with fertility issues. This is not the episode to watch if you have experienced infant or late term pregnancy loss.

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